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Education in Spain is free from nursery to university and is available to all children of foreign residents. Children must attend a state school between the age of 6 to 16 and this school must be within a certain catchment area of the parents official residence.

Documentation required to register your child /children

- Childs Birth certificate or passport
- Proof of residence from town hall (empadronamiento)
- Two passports sized photographs of child
- Rental contract or Title deeds

Schools in Nerja

Schools in Nerja are open from Mid September to Mid June. The school system is divided into two age groups with the primary schools ages from 3 to 14 year olds and the secondary school from 14+. School hours are generally between 9am and 2pm Monday to Friday. In order to enrol your child at a local school you need to first visit the Nerja Town Hall to register on the list and collect your "certificado de Empadronamiento" , you will also need to take along to the town hall your rental contract or title deeds to prove your address.  If your renting accommodation you will need an authorization form signing by your landlord that we can provide.

Nerja Schools

If your looking to relocate your children to one of the seven Nerja schools you will need to collect some forms from the town hall first to register, to do this you will need a rental contract or title deeds for the home you live in, if it's a rented property you will also need an authorization form signing from your landlord giving you permission to register at that property, if your purchasing or renting through Nerja Realty we will help you fill out the forms and help you along your way. Each school has a mixture of nationalities however all lesson are in Spanish. There are plenty of after school clubs for your children to meet new friends and also extra Spanish classes that the schools provide.

Frigiliana Schools

There is only one school in Frigiliana and it's a primary school ages 3 to 14, it has a sports centre with a gym and a large open air swimming pool which anyone from Frigiliana can use in during the summer months, the secondary schools are located in Nerja so the children will have to catch the bus and it's a 10 minute journey. You need to be living in the Frigiliana area to register your children at the school and places can be limited.

Nerja Primary and Secondary Schools (Please ask us first as we may be able to help)

Colegio Publico Joaquin Herrera, C/Antonio Ferrandis-Chanquete, Tel : 952 527 048.
Colegio Publico Narixa, Avda.Pescia, Tel : 952 521 148.
Colegio Publico San Miguel, Avda.Castilla Perez, Tel : 952 520 826.
I.E.S El Chaparil , C/ Chaparil , Tel : 952 527 086.
I.E.S Almijara, Avda. Pescia.
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