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How long can I rent for?
The length of a long term contract is 3, 6 or 11 months with the possibility of renewal.
What form of payment do Nerja Realty accept?
We accept bank transfers, cash and all major debit and credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. Please note for payment by credit/debit card, there is a surcharge of 1%, this will be automatically added to the total price purchased on the card.
Do I need to authorise my credit/debit card for use abroad?
With most international banks you can use you cards abroad automatically, however your bank will set a limit that you are able to withdraw per transaction. By informing your bank before you leave you can set a new limit allowing, a large payment. Please be advised this will be necessary for making reservation payment.
When do I need to reserve a property?
Once you have found a property you will need to reserve it straight away, this can be done with a bank transfer and confirmation of this by sending us a fax or email, the amount of the reservation will be your deposit.
What is the holding deposit?
A holding deposit is a deposit against the administration costs that are incurred at the start of a tenancy and the reservation of the property by taking it of the market for a agreed amount of time. It is usually a nominal amount payable when you make a firm offer. If you subsequently decide to pull out then you will forgo the deposit. If the landlord pulls out it will be refunded to you. If the deal goes ahead then the deposit is offset against the administration charges, the deposit and the advance rental.
What does the Security Deposit Cover?
A security deposit is what you give to an owner to ensure the owner that you understand that you must leave the house in the same condition that you found it. If there is are outstanding utilitily bills, or if something is damaged, then the owner reserves the right to deduct the overages or damages from your security deposit.
How much deposit do I need?
The standard deposit required is two months rent though sometimes one month can be arranged. Then on top the first months rent is to be paid in advance, at the end of the contract the deposit will be returned after the property has been checked.
Will I get my deposit back at the end of the contract?
Your deposit will be returned at the end of the contract providing you see out the contract and once the inventory has been cross checked. Subject to no damage or problems, the landlord will return your security deposit to you on your last day, or one day before you leave.
What is a tenancy contract?
It is a legally binding document outlining an agreement between you and the landlord in respect of the property. It sets out the amount payable as rent, the length of the tenancy, any break points agreed and your rights and responsibilities. The contract is in English and Spanish.
Can I sign the contract before I arrive?
Yes, we arrange the contract and send it to you via e-mail the same day.
Will I receive a copy of the booking contract?
A copy of the contract is provided initally and we can also provide a digitally downloadable copy on request which you can print off.
Do I need an N.I.E. number?
If your looking to purchase a property then you will need an NIE number, this is very easy to obtain from the police station in Torre Del Mar and it only takes a few weeks, alternatively we can arrange all your legal documentation for you, should you need our assistance.
What is an NIE number?
An NIE number is your personal identification number in Spain, this will also be your resident number if you apply for this at a later date.
Can I install a phone line in a property?
Most of our properties have a phone line already installed, however if the property you are interested in does not contain a phone line we are here to help you with the telephone company.
Can I install satellite TV?
Not all of our accommodation is equipped with satellite, if you wish to install a satellite we must check with the property owner or community first to make sure it is allowed, if so there are many satellite companies in Nerja and most of them are English so its easy to organize.
Can I Install Broadband or Wifi?
Most of our properties have a phone line already installed, however if the property you are interested in does not contain a broadband connection we are here to help you with the telephone company.
How will I find the property?
Once you have your arrival date and time we will arrange with you a meeting point and escort you to your property, however if you arrive late at night and the office is closed we will arrange that you get to your property saftley.
Will an inventory be taken of the property?
Yes an inventory will be done and you will cross check this on arrival
Are all the bills included?
None of the bills are included though sometimes the water is included in country properties, however this will be checked up on preparation of the contract. Community fee's and local taxes are paid by the property owner.
Are there any agent fees?
All the advertised properties are direct with the owners so there is no charge from Nerja Realty, if you would like any other services we offer please ask for prices.
Can I bring my pets?
There is not normally a problem with bringing your pets into rented accommodation, however we recommend that you check with us before hand.
Are we completely unbiased in your acceptance of bookings?
Yes. We do not discriminate against anyone. We take no notice of race, gender, sexual orientation or ability. All we ask it that if you are disabled, you let us know in advance so that we can advise you on the suitability of the accommodation selected.
In case of a dispute with the landlord?
If you have a complaint regarding a long-term rental, you should report it to the local municipal consumers' information office (Oficina Municipal de Informacion al Consumidor/OMIC). If they're unable to help you, they will direct you to the office where you can make a formal complaint.
Can my children be educated in Spain?
The Spanish state education system is of a very good standard and is free of charge. Any qualifications gained are internationally recognised. (please see Schools section of website)
What else do I pay for?
Utilities e.g water, gas, electricity, rubbish collection and if the property has a private pool then the pool maintenance.
What am I responsible for?
Allowance will be made for "fair wear and tear", but the tenant is responsible for taking proper care of the premises and should undertake small tasks around the house. Any specific responsibilities should be set out clearly in the tenancy agreement. You should read this carefully before you sign, if in doubt - ask the agent. There is a duty for professional agents to ensure that anyone relying on them is offered correct advice.
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